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> Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
> Applied Thermodynamics
> Renewable Energies
> Power Engines and Machines
> Internal Combustion Engines
> Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
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Teaching Lab Equipment - Engineering Education  |  Thermal Engineering and HVAC  |  Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Thermal Engineering and HVAC
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
> All Thermo Lab Equipment for Fundamentals
> Primary Quantities of Thermodynamics
> Principles of Heat Transfer
> Evaporation and Condensation
WL 201
Air Humidity Measurement
Climatic chamber with adjustable humidity and transparent door

WL 202
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement
Experimental introduction to temperature measurement (eight different temperature measurement methods): methods, areas of application, characteristics

WL 920
Advanced Temperature Measurement Trainer
Static and dynamic measurement with different instruments

WL 203
Methods of Pressure Measurement
Measurement of pressure above and below atmosphere

WL 102
Change of State of Gases
Isothermic and isochoric change of state of air

WL 352
Free and Forced Convection Unit
Convective heat transfer in a duct

WL 362
Thermal Radiation Unit
Thermal and visible radiation

WL 372
Heat Conduction Unit 
Radial and linear heat conduction in solid materials

WL 374
Heat Conduction in Solids
Thermal conductivity of different metals, different specimens can beconnected in series

WL 900
Heat Conduction Trainer
Temperature step capability

WL 375
Advanced Conduction Unit
Linear thermal conduction in metal test bars under vacuum

WL 377
Natural Convection and Radiation Apparatus
Heat transfer by convection and radiation in gases

WL 376
Thermal Conductivity of Building Materials
Heat conduction in non-metallic materials

WL 373
Heat Conduction in Gases and Liquids
Quantitative experiments on heat conduction

WL 210
Flow Boiling Demonstration
Flow regimes for forced convection boiling inside a tube

WL 204
Marcet Boiler
Measurement of pressure and temperature

WL 220
Boiling Heat Transfer Unit
Evaporation at a heated cylinder

WL 230
Condensation Unit
Different modes of condensation

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