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US Didactic - Teaching Lab Equipment - Engineering Education |  Thermodynamics |  Steam Power Plants Rankine Cycle Gas Turbines Trainers
Power Engines & Machines
Steam Power Plants, Gas Turbines
> All Lab Equipment for Gas Turbines, Steam Plant, Compressors
> Gas Turbines
> Steam Power Plants
> Compressors
ET 795
Simulation of a Gas Turbine
Special features of a two-shaft turbine system with free-running power turbine

ET 794
Gas Turbine with Power Turbine
System with radial compressor and turbines

ET 792
Gas Turbine
Operation with power turbine or as jet engine with propelling nozzle

ET 796
Gas Turbine Jet Engine
Single shaft gas turbine

ET 860
Steam Boiler Safety & Control
Familiarisation with the design and function of boiler safety devices

ET 810
Single-Cylinder Steam Engine
Miniature steam power plant

ET 813
Two-Cylinder Steam Engine
Single-acting two-cylinder steam engine

ET 850
Steam Generator Module
Laboratory scale steam generator for wet or superheated steam

ET 851
Steam Turbine Module
Single-stage steam turbine for use with the ET 850 steam generator

ET 830.01
Cooling Tower
Cooling tower designed for the ET 830 steam power plant

ET 830
Steam Power Plant, 1,5kW
Monitoring and control of the system using a PLC

ET 805.50
Throttling Calorimeter
Determining the quality of a two-phase liquid-vapour mixture

ET 805
Steam Power Plant 20kW with Process Control System
Steam turbine with synchronous generator for grid-connected or stand-alone operation; fully equipped with oil-/gas-fired boiler, condenser, cooling tower and feed water treatment; modern synchronisation device (PPU)

ET 500
Two-Stage Piston Compressor
Two-stage compressor with intercooler

ET 513
Single-Stage Compressor
One-cylinder machine

ET 508
Simulation of a Two-Stage Air Compressor
Simulated compressor system with intermediate cooling and aftercooling

ET 512
Air Compressor Test Unit
Small industrial compressor

ET 833
Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System
Oil-heated boiler, single-stage small industry turbine, condenser and feed water treatment; monitoring and control via control station with touch screen panel

ET 833.01
Cooling Tower
Wet cooling tower for ET 833 Steam Power Plant for re-cooling the cooling water

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