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Mechanical Process Engineering
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> Separation Methods: Classifying and Sorting
> Separation Methods: Separation in a Gravity Field
> Separation Methods: Separation in a Centrifugal Force Field
> Separation Methods: Filtration
> Comminution
> Mixing and Agglomeration
> Storage and Flow of Bulk Solids
> Fluidised Beds and Pneumatic Transport
CE 275
Gas Flow Classification
Zigzag sifter to separate solid compounds

CE 280
Magnetic Separation
Sorting with a drum-type magnetic separator

CE 115
Fundamentals of Sedimentation
Separation of suspensions by sedimentation

HM 142
Separation in Sedimentation Tanks
Solid/liquid separation in a sedimentation tank, visualisation of flow conditions

CE 282
Disc Centrifuge
Continuous separation of emulsions

CE 235
Gas Cyclone
Solid separation from gases with a cyclone

CE 225
Solid separation from liquids with a hydrocyclone

CE 116
Cake and Depth Filtration
Cake and depth filtration with different suspensions and filter medium layers

CE 117
Flow through Particle Layers
Investigation of the properties of fixed and fluidised beds subjected to liquid flow

CE 287
Plate and Frame Filter Press
Separation of solids from suspensions with a plate and frame filter press

CE 283
Drum Cell Filter
Continuous cake filtration of suspensions with a drum cell filter

CE 284
Nutsche Vacuum Filter
Cake filtration with a Nutsche Vacuum Filter

CE 286
Nutsche Pressure Filter
Cake filtration with a Nutsche Pressure Filter

CE 285
Suspension Production Unit
Supply unit for experimental filtration units CE 283, CE 284, CE 286

CE 245
Ball Mill
Observation of the milling process

CE 320
Visualisation of flow fields when using various stirrer types

CE 255
Rolling Agglomeration
Dish granulator with adjustable rotation speed and angle of inclination

CE 210
Flow of Bulk Solids from Silos
Influence of wall material and angle of inclination of hopper wall on flow profile and outflow time

CE 200
Flow Properties of Bulk Solids
Design of bulk solids silos using a ring shear tester

CE 220
Fluidised Bed Formation
Comparison of fluidised bed formation in gases and liquids

CE 250
Pneumatic Transport
Transparent tubes and tanks to observe different transport states

CE 110
Diffusion in Liquids and Gases
Use of Fick’s Law

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