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Thermal Process Engineering
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CE 130
Convection Drying
Convection dryer for drying experiments on granular substances

CE 715
Rising Film Evaporation
Rising film evaporator for increasing the concentration of temperature-sensitive solutions

CE 600
Continuous Rectification
Continuous and discontinuous rectification with packed and sieve tray column

CE 602
Discontinuous Rectification
Discontinuous rectification with packed and sieve tray column

CE 400
Gas Absorption
Separating a CO2/air mixture by absorption in countercurrent

CE 405
Falling Film Absorption
Regeneration of the solvent with nitrogen

CE 540
Adsorptive Air Drying
Continuous process with regeneration of adsorbent

CE 583
Adsorption of dissolved substances on activated carbon

CE 520
Cooling Crystallisation
Investigation of crystal growth in a fluidised bed

CE 530
Reverse Osmosis
Membrane separation process for obtaining solvent from a salt solution

CE 620
Liquid-Liquid Extraction
Regeneration of solvent using integrated distillation system

CE 630
Solid-Liquid Extraction
Discontinuous and continuous solid-liquid extraction

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